We are getting new life jackets this season.  Our old ones are 15 years old, still good.  But new designs are more comfortable.  When I get a photo of them, I will post one to this blog.  They are hot pink, like the boat and are made in Canada.  Yeh!
We had our Annual General meeting of survivors on May 1st.  This meeting was only open to members (survivors) who had paid their dues for last paddling season.  There were ten in attendance out of a possible 15.  The executive was voted in :  Past president:   Mary T
                                                                                   President      :   Margot B
                                                                                  Vice - president:  Cathy B
                                                                                   Secretary      :  Barb S
                                                                                   Treasurer:        Marlene K

The most important change to our by-laws was voted in; that supporters can now be members;  this gives supporters full voting rights and a chance to serve on committees.  I think this is BIG;  Yeah, yeah,

   We have a pot luck for members on Monday, 27th May,  with a short business meetin…
It is February and we are having our first executive meeting of the Dragon Boat team next week.  We have been trying to have it for more than three weeks now, but the weather has been too cold to go out and check the boat in its lair.  We may just have a meeting about policy and check the equipment at a later date.
This is our actual logo on a button for trading at festivals and events.  We did not get on the water until after the month of June.  We lost the whole month.  Therefore, we did not consider that we were ready to paddle in Bridgetown in July.  It was sad, but true.

New season but not yet on the water

We have not been on the water yet, as the water levels at Lake Pisiquid have not risen enough.  There was work on the locks, to keep the water in the lake, this spring and the levels have not risen to the point where the town of Windsor can put the docks in.  Because of this, we probably will not be participating in Clean Annapolis River Project in July, as we will not have paddled enough.   That is sad, as we have been involved with that festival from the beginning, 3 years, ago.  We hope to be on the water on Monday, June 25th.
I realized when I posted the winner of the quilt at this year's bowling fundraiser, that I had not posted last year's winner.   The child's quilt was made and donated by Pearl H. from Greenwich, NS.  The winner was Lucille S. from Gaspereau.
The fundraising bowling, held on Nov 4th was a great time.  Seven teams participated, with food, and laughter shared.  The winning raffle ticket for the queen size quilt (made and donated by Faye S.) was won by Nancy H.