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Thursday the 14th, we did paddle.  It was a lovely evening.  I think that we had 12 paddlers, as an e-mail had gone out that it might be the last paddle.   In the boat, we asked if there was interest in paddling on Monday the 11th, and there was.  We thought that we would clean the boat and have a pizza party to celebrate the end of the season.   We could not get the upper room at the canoe club so we have put it off until Monday the 18th.   Thursday the 21st,  is the kick off concert for Deep Roots with Lennie Gallant, so we were going to lose at least 3 paddlers.  Therefore, that paddle was cancelled.   We are running out of daylight,  but it is sad to see the season end.
Last week we did not paddle.  Monday was Labour Day and the weather did not cooperate on Thursday.   Last night we had 12 paddlers.  The wind wasn't strong when we set out but it changed.  May be with the tide.  We tried paddling in the lea of the shore, in the lake and also up river.  The water was warm but the wind made it a hard paddle.  We did see a fox climbing up the bank of the river to the top.   He ignored us, but it was an interesting sight. The daylight is fading fast at that time of evening.  Not sure how many more paddles we will be able to have.
Here is Sue R., John N. and Jim P.   It is a lovely evening on the river.  But the days are getting shorter and the sun is setting sooner every paddle.
These photos are of our 'flower ceremony"on Monday the 21st of August.  There were 17 paddlers for this, on the Avon River.  The ceremony is one that we do in memory of our friends who have gone from us.  It is very moving.
I did not paddle the 10th,14th or the 17th of Aug.  But I wanted you to see the beautiful head of "Baby" our boat