This is a photo taken by Sandee of the paddlers in our beautiful 'paris pink' boat.  Monday 24th of July we had 15 paddlers, The 27th, 12.  The 31st, 12.  We have been going up the Avon river, 3 k and then returning to the lake.  We have also been doing starts and other maneuvers, all within our hour practice time.  That is not bad for us,  as we are basically a recreational team- not competitive.  Last night, the 3rd, we only had 8 paddlers.   We broke our own rule of not going out without 10 paddlers,  But it was a lovely evening, we had all traveled to get to Windsor, so we went out with misgivings, and had a lovely time on the lake.  Monday, being the holiday, we will not paddle.  


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